Playing Along: The Book

Playing Along: The Book

37 Group Learning Activities Borrowed From Improvisational Theater

Learning begins with living in the moment!

Developed for group leaders who have no improvisational theater experience, these brief (5-10 minute) exercises activate the all-important learning skills of listening, accepting, affirming, imagining, and trusting-and pave the way for personal growth or organizational change.

"An easy playful approach to growth and discovery, improvisational exercises are a quick path to discovery" Martin de Maat Artistic Director Second City Training Center. Artist Consultant to Second City

"By combining real fun and laughter with learning, Playing Along clearly demonstrates that teaching people to work as a team and communicate more effectively with one another doesn't have to be stressful or boring"
Dr. Sandro Ingari President of Skilcom Associates


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One Word At A Time

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Yes And...

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The Alphabet Game


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